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Why Undiscuss?


Rapidly build and deploy powerful, new enterprise social network across the entire organization and make Undiscuss your own.

Unlimited Users

Perfect for small teams and large organizations – our pricing remains the same regardless of the number of users*.

Host in your Server

Our software can easily be setup on any Apache, MySQL and PHP web server environment.

Safe and Secured

Undiscuss is secured to your server and security policies, and also extensible and robust for your IT department to extremely customize how Undiscuss works for you.

Joomla Compatible

Built directly upon the Joomla! CMS with over 6,500 extensions, providing unlimited possibilities*.

Support and Customizations

Awesome support team to back you up and direct access to our core developers.


Simplicity, intuitiveness and compatibility across devices is important to us,
ensuring employees can use anytime and anywhere without any prior training.

Enterprise Social Network

Our social intranet boosts enterprise collaboration and communication and turns static traditional intranet content into interactive content. It enables new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization, keeps coworkers more engaged and informed, and ultimately—business success. Increase workforce productivity and improve coworkers satisfaction now.

Open Source

Undiscuss is an open-source social-collaboration PHP software built on the Joomla CMS designed for enterprises. It is essential to build a social platform with no liability and no vendor lock-in. The ideal platform in a commodity world should be open source and affordable.

Document Management

Upload files easily, preview them, share them publicly or privately and replace your files with only a click. Most importantly it’s time to stop sharing files via email and start using a more secure and quick manner of file sharing.

Communication and Messaging

Undiscuss makes communication much faster and more useful compared to any business emails or phone calls while making it easier to identify, track and communicate with those who have engaged in your message and content.

Project Management

Manage project with less effort and better results. With Undiscuss, you and your coworkers can easily set objectives, define what needs to happen, assign owners and due dates, and track progress.


Organize public or private meetings and events, share them with your coworkers, and collect responses. Integrated Google Maps allows for easy navigation to your meeting or event destination.

Mobile Compatible

Stay connected to Undiscuss with an experience optimized for your mobile devices. Because your company’s network is stored in your very own servers, you have instant access to coworkers, conversations and content.


Review important usage metrics and member statistics to monitor or quantify the value of Undiscuss in your organization. Gain valuable insight into how coworkers are using Undiscuss and identify key areas to increase the value.

Activity Stream and Custom Streams

Identify updates across all the people, events, groups, projects and content in your organization, at a glance. Undiscuss’s activity streams give you a personalized view of the actions you can’t afford to miss. Custom streams let you build your own custom feeds, specifying the exact people, groups, places and projects you’re interested in.

External Collaboration

Bring all stakeholders into the conversation. With Undiscuss’s Extranet Groups feature, you can collaborate not only with internal staff, but with external contributors, too. Extend your reach by including partners, outside agencies, contractors and others in your projects. Just invite everyone in and get to work.

People Directory

Find and connect with coworkers from across the company. Undiscuss expands what you know about people across the organization. Discover more about your colleagues and see what groups and projects they are participating in, what they are following, the files they’ve uploaded and other activities.

Everything Social

Undiscuss is your living, breathing knowledge network, linking you to all the right people and all the right information. Get to know your colleagues, whether they’re across the hall or across the world. Tap in-house experts and get answers fast. Quickly assemble your dream team for any project. Using hastags and @mentions on Undiscuss is the best and fastest way to create context with the everyone.

Admin and Security

Administrators can adjust their community to match their unique corporate culture and policies. Customize the Undiscuss’s look and feel, turn a range of features on or off, set languages for international users, modify user profile options, define custom privacy policies, and more. Large organizations may use Undiscuss’s LDAP integration for quick onboarding of users.

Our Successful Customers

Mr. Chan

Our Technical Department is now actively using Undiscuss.it, The ToDo list, tagging, trending cloud and the custom list are the standout features that we frequently use.

Mr. Chan, Founder
Exabytes Network

Stewart Chen

The Undiscuss software is good at what it does, and comes together with an outstanding level of customer support. Amazing value!

Stewart Chen, Founder

Ruchi Kumar

An open source enterprise social network is a very powerful concept. We have used Undiscuss and know that it has the power to transform communication, employee engagement, collaboration and project management within any organization. We often suggest Undiscuss to our clients when implementing a social intranet solution.

Ruchi Kumar, CEO
Drishtant Consultancy Services

Discover How Some Of Our Clients Are Using Undiscuss

  • As a Social Intranet – Empower employees by creating a private community which fosters collaboration, alignment and innovation.

  • Web Design and Development agencies:

    • to communicate and collaborate with your clients in your Branded, Secure and Private environment.
    • reduce development time and immediately save costs in building corporate social networks, intranets or extranets for your clients and customize from a full-featured code and design base.
  • Support teams use Undiscuss to share and exchange knowledge on technical support issues and documentation. Support teams are also cutting costs by saving time for customers to communicate and locate expertise and boosting overall customer satisfaction.

  • Marketing teams are using Undiscuss to accelerate collateral and campaign development while engaging customers, vendors and partners from a single platform.

  • Governments drive secure multi-agency, multi-location collaboration, expertise location and engagement.

  • Joomla CMS experts love customizing Undiscuss with various Joomla extensions to fit the various needs of their public or private communities and social networks.

  • A Leading Digital Media company uses Undiscuss to share event media invitations and appointments to their fellow reporters – and thanks to the built-in Google Maps which allows their reporters to arrive at a location without getting lost. The entire reporting team accesses their Undiscuss site on-the-go from their various mobile devices.

  • A Training and Educational Institution uses Undiscuss to add value to their inhouse training programmes for their clients by connecting their trainees directly to the trainers for post-training support. Another use case by the training company was how they turned Undiscuss into a social knowledgebase that’s always growing and becomes a resource for the trainees and trainers.

Our Risk Free Software and Pricing

Self Hosted / On Premise
Price $499
Number of Users Unlimited
Supported Domains 1
Access to Professional Support, Updates, Community and Developer Forums 12 months
Bugfix Tracking Yes
Access to 100% Full Source Code Yes
LDAP Support Yes
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